Making a Monkey outta them?

“Come here, ya lil monkey” or “you are just like a little monkey” were phrases that could be heard from the adults in my life while growing up.  Helped by the fact that I was skinny as a rail with long arms & legs and loved to run around climbing stuff and just generally acting, well, much like a monkey!  I used to love going Continue reading


The Forgotten Door

Pic By: Brian Reed

Every day after lunch our class full of small boys and girls would gather around the feet of our beloved “Miss Garner” as she would pull up a chair and open a book to read to us.  She was a tremendously talented reader, by which I mean she brought the black and white pages of each book to a vibrant colorful life that left each child straining forward with anticipation for what would happen next, on whatever small piece of the ragged old carpet we occupied.  Miss Garner was Continue reading


Neal is "Missing In Action"

Okay everyone – I have to apologize but I’m taking the “easy way out” today.  Due to all the travel recently I just wasn’t able to get up a regular “Speaks More Than Words” Post.  If you are wondering where I am – then check out THIS POST – which explains it all!

I’m hoping to get back on track next week as I’ll be back in and settled for a few weeks.  BUT I STILL NEED SOME SERIOUS HELP!

I AM RUNNING WAY SHORT ON PICS/PHOTOS – so I’d love to have YOUR HELP – if you have some stuff then send it my way – find out HERE ON THE  “PARTICIPATE” Page and start sending in some awesome photos so I can get the creative juices flowing with some scintillating stories!

Thanks everyone & have a GREAT WEEKEND – I know I will!

Travel Interruption

Hey people (you know – both of you that stop in to read these!!! ha ha ha)

Sorry but due to being on the road this week and having trouble tapping into internet I have gotten off schedule.  Typically I will attempt to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – but as you can already see I missed Monday and I just got the new post up for today.

I will be “offline” till I can put up the new Friday post.  So this week will only have 2 posts but I hope you enjoy them!

Have a GREAT TUESDAY and thanks for checking in!

Feeling Connected?

365 Project: By Dave Richmond

My head begins to spin just contemplating the amount of technology, information and overloaded circuitry involved in the above photo.  Laptops, hot-spots, smart phones, cameras, music, video, ichat, skype, e-mail, social networking, USB, GPS, mp3 – makes me wanna break out in song with “we didn’t start the fire – it was always burning, since the world’s been turning” – but I digress.

In some ways this photo reminds me of the scene from Continue reading

God Caused Construction Delays

Pic By: Kathleen R

It seems like everywhere I’ve ever lived, as soon as I get there – some type of MAJOR construction project begins on the roads right outside my home or right near my office and sometimes both at the same time!  Construction projects are definitely a necessary evil – focus on the key word EVIL – of life, but that does not make them any less frustrating.

I look at the above photo and while I’m not certain Continue reading

Thankfully Cleaning our Plate?

Leftovers - Pic By: Kathleen R

I grew up in a culture where for the most part you ate the food that was put on your plate and you showed appreciation for it – no matter what.  My dad was a minister on the weekends for a church that was located 45 miles from our home.  It took about 50 minutes to drive there, so when we left on a Sunday morning we basically stayed for the entire day.  This meant that we ate many a meal both, lunch and sometimes supper, with other families.

I would not change Continue reading

Spiritual World Wide Webby

Pic By: Lisa B

We live in a world of radio waves, high-def video signals, cell phone calls & texts bouncing from satellites all over outer space, hi-fi, wi-fi, hotspots and deadzones.  At any given moment we would be astonished at the vast amounts of invisible information hyper-speeding around our heads.  The “world-wide web” leaves most of us Continue reading

Beauty in the eye of the Beholder?

365 Project - Pic By: Lauriel; E is for Eyes

It has often been said that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and from our picture today it makes me sort of wonder what does this pair of eyes behold?

To be sure there is a rather striking beauty about them in their own right.

It is intriguing to me to see Continue reading

Even Use a Dumb Ass??


365 Project Pics BY - Shadow 29 and Caflygrl


My granny used to always say – “If you are tellin’ somethin’ you didn’t hear someone say – then tell people you didn’t hear em say it.  Tell em that someone else told you that they said it.” She never wanted to be accused of sharing something incorrectly that she did not hear for herself first hand.  (Now some might argue that it would have been best for her not to share that info at all – but that is besides the point)

So that is what I am here to do – I am here to Continue reading